"That's that dope shit!" -Griffin McElroy, Cool Games, Inc

"There may be nothing behind you, but If a Tree Screams in the Forest... encourages you to check often." - Polygon

"The tension is unbearable... it completely shows the promise of new (and terrifying) experiences on the Rift." - Kill Screen

"This isn't a game for those who frighten easily." - Game Informer

"Probably the best game I played at E3." - TechHive

"A whole new level of terror... there is nothing between you and the action." - Indie Game Reviewer

"Highly recommended." - RPM Community


If a Tree Screams in the Forest... is a short Oculus Rift horror game built in 3 weeks for E3 2013 at the request of IndieCade.  Using the Rift, players explore an ominous path through a forest filled with evil trees.  The game features a core mechanic inspired by the Weeping Angels of Doctor Who - when the player looks towards an evil tree it cannot move, but as soon as the player looks away, the trees close in...  “Whatever you do, don’t blink!”