Delve is an explosive new kind of gem-swapping game. Players use magical explosives to excavate the ruins of a long-dead Dwarven civilization, buried beneath a mountain of gems. Players blast their way downward, while preventing any gems from slipping past them reach the top of the screen. As they descend, they'll uncover powerful artifacts, and come face-to-face with fearsome enemies. 


Players can click and drag any gem to swap it with a neighboring gem. Clicking a bomb will cause it to absorb all contiguous gems of the same color. Clicking that bomb again will cause it to explode, clearing gems in a radius around it. The more gems that are absorbed when charging a bomb, the larger the explosion will be when the bomb is detonated. By swapping same-color gems and bombs into larger groups, players can create larger explosions, or even chains of explosions, clearing gems, and allowing them to delve further into the underground.

Click here to download Delve (beta - PC)



Blacktorch Lead Game Design - Michael T. Astolfi 
Initial Design & Programming - Tom Quinn 
Project Management - Kevin Porras 
Art - Justin Sanders 
Sound Design & Music - Alec Galambos