Michael T. Astolfi creates award-winning interactive experiences. He is presently Head of Product at Outlier.org. Previously, at CTRL-labs, he used a transformative brain-machine interface to reimagine user interactions with virtual environments. Michael is the founder of Star Penguin Games, through which he released Amazing Loot Grind for iOS and Android. He is also the co-creator and developer of BlindSide, an acclaimed audio-only adventure for both sighted and visually impaired players.

Michael has created games for virtual reality, arcade cabinets, the streets of Brooklyn, mobile devices, desktops, and tabletops. His experiences have been featured at events including E3, Games for Change, Indiecade, Brazil’s Independent Games Festival, the World Science Festival, the X Games, and the Little League World Series. His work has been featured by media including MSNBC, The New Yorker, Wired, Kill Screen, and Polygon.

Michael earned a Master’s in The Design and Psychology of Video Games from New York University and a Bachelor’s in Evolutionary Psychology from Boston University.